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  • Hernán Reinaudo ensemble

    Now-a-days Argentina: from folk and jazz to tango and flamenco

With his exuberant versatility the Hernán Reinaudo ensemble surprises with a unique blend of styles that he flawlessly mixes: from folk and jazz to tango and flamenco! A flamboyant mix symbolizing the diversity that is so typical for a cosmopolitan city as Buenos Aires.


The Hernán Reinaudo ensemble leads you with a handful of musical post cards through the best of contemporary tango.

Hernán Reinaudo is one of the best guitarists of the new generation of tango musicians in Argentina. Since he was twelve, he concentrates on the guitar. He studied composition at the University of Cordoba and he was a professor at the conservatory Felix T. Garzón in San Fernando. Reinaudo settled in 2002 in the capital Buenos Aires. There he came into contact with the new generation of tango musicians and singers. He was also a standing member of the tango collective 34 Puñaladas, which won the Clarín Award for tango revelation. Reinaudo has, under his own name and with several projects, already released more than 25 albums. Besides his busy touring around the globe he also composes symphonic works. In 2012 he created the soundtrack for the Argentinean animation film 'La Máquina que hace Estrellas'.

For their ensemble Hernán Reinaudo and Ananta Roosen composed a handful of musical postcards with the best of contemporary tango-influenced Argentinian music. You can hear traditional tango, but also classical music, jazz and flamenco.

Hernán Reinaudo: compositions and guitar
Ananta Roosens: compositions, violin and trumpet
Manu Comté : accorieon and bandoneon
Lalo Zanelli: piano

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