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  • La sieste du dromadaire

    tango from a dromedary point of view

With her "Tangos From a Dromedary Point of View", La Sieste du Dromadaire explores how the tango would sound if played by Musulman, Pygmies, the Rolling Stones or by quadrupeds like dromedaries and underdogs …

Because of the unique combination of Argentinean inspired melodies and African percussion, they are probably the only tango band in the world that fits better in the desert than in an Argentinean tango bar …
Percussion instruments have rarely been used in traditional tango, but the African presence definitely has affected the 'Argentina of tango music' and has influenced much of its typical sensual swing.
La Sieste du Dromadaire brings together two cultures that may seem worlds apart, but which in fact have always been connected!
And "what does the dromedary have to do with any of this?" 
This noble four-legged creature gave to the world, with its footsteps in the sand: the well-known rhythm called the clave. From Africa to the rest of the world - a secret that few people actually know! - but a fact that makes these animals musical heroes!

Santiago Cimadevilla: bandoneón, xylofoon
Ananta Roosens: compositions, violin, horn-violin, trumpet 
Elliot Muusses: electric guitar
Joris Vanvinckenroye: double bass
Robbe Kieckens: african percussion

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