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  • DROM

    a playful live music performance for little ones

Drom' is the first playful live music performance, created by both Joris Vanvinckenroye (Aranis/ BASta!) and Jana Arns (Aranis), which is specifically intended for the little ones.

The goal of 'Drom' is to be the first full-fledged music performance composed for and with children aged 6 and above. The show presents new and surprising music to them without it ever becoming a highbrow production. On the contrary, it deals with unpretentious music that does away with all musical prejudice. The children will also learn to explore known instruments in different ways. The double bass for example is so much more than a big violin played vertically by an oddball: it will guide them through the imaginative streets of an unknown auditory world. The flute, in contrast, is played horizontally like the ocean, but can it also be played on a swing or on a pile of rose petals? And how good are the children's ears? Can they compose a musical piece together with the musicians? 

Joris Vanvinckenroye: composition, double bass and loops
Jana Arns: flutes, voice and photography

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Joris Vanvinckenroye: double bass
Linde De Groof, Liesbeth Lambrecht: violin
Marjolein Cools: accordion
Axelle Kennes: piano
Stijn Denys: guitare
Jana Arns: flute
Choir 2e Adem dir. Maarten Van Ingelgem