Aranis is a Belgium chamber music ensemble on the crossroads of several music styles. Classical music, jazz, folk- or world music; it’s all there in a catching melting pot. Since its founding by Joris Vanvinkenroye in 2002, Aranis has played over 400 concerts in and out of Belgium.

“Though much of the music press is quick to cite Aranis as the greatest thing to happen to Chamber Rock in recent years, this group’s styling, sound, and compositions prove that they are not Classical, nor Rock, nor a hybrid of the two. Aranis are onto something unique, and the only label that could possibly qualify, due merely to the instruments (violins, button accordion, flute, piano, guitar and upright bass), is that they are “Acoustic”. Anything beyond this equivocally open-ended definition would only manage sell them short.  They’ve been going strong for ten years now, and with each new release their work forages on relentlessly, both ignoring every idiomatic description in its path, and taking the utmost joy in rejecting any notion to dabble around in middle grounds. This one-of-a kind approach has led to festival invitations, where Aranis has been known to share the stage with notable, long-standing, reputable “bands” that are much more easily tagged; The invariable result is that they emerge as the most important, tightest, professional and musically elucidated crew in the lot. And, they are known to receive standing ovations in the middle of their songs.”

Liesbeth Lambrecht: violin, viola Marjolein Cools: accordion Stijn Denys: guitar Jana Arns: flute, voice
Pierre Chevalier: piano
Joris Vanvinckenroye: double bass & composition

Videoclip 'Polly'

Jona, live concert

Videoclip 'Skip XXL'