After many years of success, after over 22 albums published and after thousands of concerts performed all over the world, FLAIRCK opens a new chapter in its history. Going back to the spirit of its very roots, FLAIRCK passes now the torch to a new generation. Guitarist and bass player Pablo Ortiz, who joined the band as a young musician back in 2007, now leads a brand new line-up of talented young musicians that, following the tradition of the band and with the guidance of the original founders, brings back the powerful energy, the instrumental acrobatic virtuosity and the band’s unique music style and projects them into new horizons. 

The new show, an unforgettable explosion of color and sound, combines new music with some of the band’s classics. New faces, same spirit. As usual, something different. FLAIRCK, a new approach to old traditions.

Blind dances part 2

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Live concert