Carbon fixation

It is strange that the ecological movement actually emerged from the smoke of smelly two-stroke engines. But perhaps it is exactly these kinds of paradoxes that make the world go round. Ten texts attempt to find out what the hippie movement still has to offer in terms of relevance to a world that has changed in every single respect.

The late sixties were the cradle of an entirely new view on the position of the individual in a society that was wheeling out of control at an increasingly high pace. It was at that point that nature conservation became a topic of discussion for the first time and protests were launched against unbridled growth and blind capitalism. An iconic image of the era was a flower in the barrel of a rifle. It is still a very useful metaphor in a world plagued by climate change, which is already causing major migration waves.

Nevertheless, the last thing that Carbon fixation aims to do is offer is a nostalgic look back at that period. Essentially, many of the problems of those days are still very topical. The world is overcrowded. Inequality is growing. Pollution, global warming, attacks, unemployment, hatred that lashes out like the snakes on Medusa’s head: the world is still not a garden of Eden and examples of this abound. There is no reason whatsoever to take rest, lie back in our beanbag and assume that our world is about to radically change for the better.

Of course, we are all entitled to our dreams and need our faith in a bright future. However, it is not that kind of reasoning that started this project. More than anything, following the road to enlightenment means wading through the threatening darkness around us. While the hippie generation only had a compass to reach faraway Kathmandu and their coveted enlightenment, we have mobile phones and GPS. It should therefore be very easy for the audience to follow us along on the inspiring path paved by Hardscore with words, music and images. In an idiom that builds bridges to all genres that move our hearts as well as our minds.

Band members

Annelies Van Hijfte: lead singer
Frank Debruyne: saxes, backing vocals
Frederik Martens: piano
Koen Van Overberghe: keyboards, backing vocals
Frank Nuyts: marimba, synthesizer, backing vocals
Jonathan Bonny: vibraphone
Stijn Deldaele: bass guitar
Ronald Dhaene: drums

Tomas Hendriks: visuals
Frank Nuyts: lyrics and music

Yearning Yarn

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