La Sieste Du Dromadaire

With her "Tangos From a Dromedary Point of View", La Sieste du Dromadaire explores how the tango would sound if played by Musulman, Pygmies, the Rolling Stones or by quadrupeds like dromedaries and underdogs ... This trio brings a unique setting with the Uruguayan tango specialist on marimba ‘Fausto Valeron’, the versatile cello wonder ‘Annemie Osborne’ and with dromedarian composer Ananta Roosens on violin and trumpet. In Uruguay the tango is a tradition as it is in Argentina, adding the rhythmical african influences like the ‘candombe’.
With the marimba, a melodic percussion instrument, and the lyrical strings, La Sieste du Dromadaire brings together two cultures that may seem worlds apart, but which in fact have always been connected!

Altura Tortuga (trio live)

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