The remarkable combination of hurdy-gurdy and clarinet we have heard before, because Valentin Clastrier and Steven Kamperman knew with their album Fabuloseries to impress with their unruly, abrasive, exciting music. At Tondo there is no question of stubbornness and sanding, and we are also dealing with a trio here, because hurdy-gurdy virtuoso Gilles Chabenat and clarinet player and bagpipe player Fred Pouget are assisted here by guitarist Maarten Decombel.

What they do is to create lyrical music, with unexpected tempo changes, and surprising arrangements. Elegant music, and more sophisticated than you might think at the first hearing. Folk meets jazz in a subtle way, and old traditions also sound through. Beautiful melodies, combined with beautiful layered structures all add up to extremely exciting music, especially if you listen to this album a bit more often, which as usual with sounds great again. An absolute must for anyone who likes adventurous folk jazz world fusion.

Gilles Chabenat: electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy
Maarten Decombel: guitar
Fred Pouget: clarinet, bassclarinet, bagpipes

A Toi A Moi

Studio De L'Ermitage